Green Oil Change

"Take the next step in protecting your car and the planet, get your oil changed at Green Earth Automotive."

Decrease your car's eco-footprint with a bio-based full synthetic oil change using G-Oil and a filter replacement (reusable, for ever options available) at Green Earth Automotive.

Green Earth Automotive is changing Austin, one oil change at a time, by using Renewable Lubricants, a bio-based full synthetic motor oil with longer service intervals that is grown and made in the USA.  

Manufacturers of vehicles and all motor oils have a recommended "oil change interval." This is the mileage that can be driven on one oil change before the oil can no longer effectively protect your car. 

You should change your oil based on the manufacturer's recommendation, and more frequently when driving in tough conditions such as frequent daily traffic and extreme weather.

For both ordinary and high-performance engines, an oil change using Renewable Lubricants provides superior oxidation resistance, deposit and wear protection, and better low and high temperature performance than regular oil.

Since G-oil is such a higher quality oil it can extend your oil change to longer than any other petroleum oil on the market, including synthetics. For more info please call. 512-926-2886